Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who's Your Favorite Blogger? I hope I am! Listen Up Followers!

Hello All....I am Giving You play By Play From The Red Carpet Premier Of New Moon In LA!

Hi all! sorry I've been away, but I have some sweet stuff for all of you who could not make this momentous occasion. I am going to personally be updating my blog daily direct from the streets of LA while out here waiting for the New Moon Premier. Stay posted because I will be having a contest this week for a sweet give away with items autographed from the cast. (I will update after the premier of what autographs I have acquired.) So my loyal followers here are some pics of this mornings crowd!

We're all here having a blast enjoying our common interest.
Also, Tomorrow Sunday November 15, 2009 I will be having breakfast with the authors of Beautiful Creatures! A Lush Budget Production and I will have the pleasure of meeting with these two most talented authors. I will keep you posted.


Misty said...

Wow, that's so awesome! Peter Facinelli came to our mall recently and did a signing, and my sister waited in line 7 hours to see him, even though she didn't have anything to autograph. They were charging $40 for a signed picture, and I figured she'd cave, so when she came home all excited, that's what I assumed. Wrong. She had a signed copy of New Moon -- which she stole from me and had signed to her. Ah, the ego-centrism of a 15 year old... ;D